Lawn mower won’t start? How to fix?

If your trusty mower refuses to start, don’t fret! Here are some common reasons why your lawn mower might be giving you trouble and how you can troubleshoot the issue:

Lawn mower won't start? How to fix?
  1. Stale Fuel: Gasoline left in the tank over winter can degrade, causing starting problems. First and foremost, drain the old fuel and refill with fresh gasoline.
  2. Dirty Air Filter: Furthermore, a clogged air filter restricts airflow, making starting difficult. Therefore, it’s essential to clean or replace the air filter.
  3. Blocked Carburetor: Another potential issue arises if old fuel gums up the carburetor, hindering fuel flow. In this case, cleaning or rebuilding the carburetor can restore proper function.
  4. Spark Plug Issues: Additionally, a worn or fouled spark plug can prevent ignition. Hence, it’s crucial to check and replace if necessary.
  5. Battery: If your mower is equipped with an electric start, a drained battery can hinder starting. Consequently, you should either charge or replace the battery.
  6. Ignition System: Damaged ignition components can also affect starting. Therefore, it’s prudent to inspect and replace any faulty parts.
  7. Safety Switches: Malfunctioning safety switches can prevent starting. As a result, it’s vital to ensure all switches are functioning correctly.
  8. Engine Compression: Lastly, low compression can result from wear or damage. Performing a compression test can diagnose this issue effectively.

By troubleshooting these potential issues systematically and addressing them with care, you can coax your lawn mower back to life and get your yard looking its best for the season ahead.