How to Store Your Lawn Mower for Winter?

Before Work

Ensure Safety: Before winterizing or performing any maintenance on your lawn mower, disconnect the spark plug for petrol mowers, power cord for electric mowers, and remove the battery for cordless mowers.

Preparing a Petrol Mower for Winter Storage

  1. Thorough Cleaning: After the last cut of the year, give your lawn mower a comprehensive clean to remove any grass residue. Use water or a suitable cleaning agent and a brush, avoiding strong jets of water that could damage sensitive parts.
  2. Inspection and Maintenance:
    • Check the cutting blade for cracks or notches and sharpen or replace it if necessary.
    • Remove the spark plug, clean or replace it if needed, and pour a small amount of engine oil into the spark plug opening to protect the engine during storage.
  3. Storage: Store the lawn mower in a dry, dust-free space, preferably covered, and positioned on all four wheels.

Preparing a Petrol Lawn Mower’s Engine for Winter Storage

  1. Empty the Petrol Tank: Ensure the fuel tank is empty to prevent petrol degradation over the winter, which could cause starting issues in spring. If there’s remaining fuel, let the mower run until it stops.
  2. Check the Oil Level: Verify the oil level and change it if necessary to maintain the mower’s optimal condition during storage.

Preparing a Cordless Lawn Mower and Battery for Winter Storage

  1. Cleaning and Greasing: Clean the mower thoroughly and grease moving parts. Then, remove the battery from the cordless mower.
  2. Battery Storage: Charge the battery to around 40-60%, then store it separately from the mower in a dry room at 10 to 15°C to preserve its capacity and performance. If the battery is fixed, store the complete mower in a warm, dry place.

Summary: Storing Your Lawn Mower for Winter

  1. Clean the mower thoroughly.
  2. Check and sharpen or replace the cutting blade if necessary.
  3. Store the mower in a dry place.
  4. Ensure there’s no fuel left in the tank.
  5. Check the oil level.
  6. For cordless mowers, remove and store the batteries separately in a dry, warm place.